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    Herbs with Spooky-Good Benefits

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    Halloween Inspired Herbal Extracts with Scary-Good Benefits 

    At Enerhealth Botanicals we have a wide variety of herbal blends, over 100 in fact. Each has their own unique set of properties and benefits and in some cases, their own spooky sounding name. Read on to learn about five of our herbs with spooky names and even spookier benefits. 


    Skullcap Extract


    Why are graveyards so noisy? Because of all the coffin. Having trouble getting to sleep, try skullcap extract. We aren’t all perfectly skull-pted human beings, we lead very busy lives and may struggle to find the balance between work and rest. Skullcap Herb is a member of the mint family that promotes relaxation and may provide a calming effect and support healthy sleep. We source our skullcap from the eastern United States, taking the dry herb and activating its properties through our extraction process.


    Cleavers Herb Extract

    Cleavers Herb

    Meet the Cleavers Herb…we promise the only thing that will disappear is your low vitamin C. Unlike the knife most popularly used in gruesome horror movies or the creepy family, the Cleaver Herb will leave your body feeling renewed and refreshed. This herb does wonders in supporting the lymphatic system and supporting normal functioning liver, kidneys, and urinary tract, as well as being a great source of Vitamin C.


    Garlic Bulb Extract

    Garlic Bulb

    As the light fades from day, the fang-toothed vampires come out to play, and there is nothing better for keeping vampires away…than Garlic Bulb. Garlic has been used for centuries, whether it be to fight off vampires or to help maintain healthy blood, circulation, heart, and intestinal health, it is scary how spectacular this herb is.


    Catnip Extract

    Catnip Extract

    A tale as old as time is that of the cursed black cat on Halloween night. Rumor has it, consuming Catnip may spare you from its evil intentions. And when Halloween is over, it is sure to make you many new feline friends. Although commonly used for cats, catnip is an herb that contains many medical benefits for humans as well. It aids in soothing digestion and promotes relaxation and a calm mind.


    Licorice Root Extract

    licorise root

    Licorice root is one of the most widely used herbs in the world, basically it is giving out health benefits like its candy on Halloween. This herb is no trick, it provides support for your liver, respiratory system, and maintains balance in the digestive tract. It is often used in cough calming herbal blends and if you’re looking for a treat, this extract has a strong licorice flavor.


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