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Cleavers Extract

Cleavers Extract

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Cleavers Herbal Tincture

Also known as: Galium aparine, Goosegrass, Hayriffe, Burweed

Cleavers herb does wonders in supporting the lymphatic system, which plays an important part in overall health and in maintaining a healthy immune system. In addition, this herb can be soothing toward and supports a normal-functioning liver, kidneys, and urinary tract, promotes healthy perspiration and is a great source of Vitamin C!

This common garden weed is often found growing near chickweed, as they seem to thrive in the same habitat, primarily in grassy, moist places. This plant's stalks, leaves, and seeds are so rough that they cleave (or stick) to almost anything they touch, such as passing animals. This relative of coffee makes a great, caffeine-free coffee substitute when the seeds are lightly roasted. Cleavers herb is a truly amazing therapeutic herb. Our cleavers tincture is extracted from the aerial parts of the plant found in pastures of Hungary. We receive this herb dry and activate the many beneficial properties within the plant through our extraction process. Our extraction process has been used consistently over the past two decades to produce only the highest quality therapeutic herbal extracts.


Keep out of reach of children.  If pregnant or breastfeeding or if taking other medications, consult a healthcare professional.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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