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Hemp Extraction Process


Hemp is a part of the Cannabis sativa species and is often used to describe cannabis containing less that 0.3 percent of THC content by dry weight. Hemp is a fast growing crop that has been idolized for centuries for its sustainability and usefulness. Hemp is used to make paper, clothing, textiles, and even food due to its high fiber content. However, there is much more to this plant, as it can also be used for a variety of medicinal purposes. Perhaps one of the most popular ways is through hemp products derived from the cannabinoid, CBD.


With the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, Hemp has been talked about quite a bit over the past several years. The subject has ranged from legal issues, most states now allow some form of CBD to be offered, to the various conditions and uses ascribed to the plant. Unfortunately, there have been too many companies offering hemp in some form or another that have promoted uses that are not allowed by the FDA, i.e. any use that contains the words: cure, treatment, a specific medical condition, etc. The result has created a lot of confusion in the marketplace from the consumer perspective.

Added to this is the confusion over the type of extraction process that is professed to be the ‘best’ and which cannabinoid, CBG, CBC, CBD etc., is the best for whatever ailment claimed. There are so many processes of extraction, many use only ethanol, either organic or non-organic, some use butane (which we think is not conducive to health goals of any kind), others use CO2 extraction which most claim is the apex of extraction.

Here at Enerhealth Botanicals, we have been extracting industrial hemp for years now and consider it another effective herb for many of the health issues you might see on google. We have extracted 100s of herbs over the past two decades using a solution of water and organic alcohol. Hemp is a recent addition having added it about five years ago. 

We developed a specific process for hemp and have now extended that to other herbs termed Spagyric's. The process itself is post extraction where we take the previously extracted plant and then further purify the plant to obtain the mineral salts (the life blood of the plant) and then combine those salts with the original extraction. We also never expose the hemp to direct heat and always 100 degrees Fahrenheit thus making it a ‘raw’ extract.

This process is time and resource consuming but yields a very distinct extract, at least according to the bench chemical analysis. According to one of the chemists, the ‘salts’ appear to explode many of the Cannabinoid molecules into a ‘nano’ size as the proliferation of the spagyric tests vs the non-spagyric results show an increase in the presence of the molecules 5-10x. Nano sized particles combined with the mineral salt component are thought by many to increase the bioavailability of the product. 

Thus, our spagyric products have seen multiple customers reorder time and again from Enerhealth after trying many alternatives that just didn’t work! We take pride in our processes and their effectiveness proven over two decades of many happy customers that we are pleased with the results. One must realize that there is no ‘magic bullet’ out there for anything. When choosing the alternative herbal pathway to health, one must use these products several times a day over a longer period of time to feel/see results, that is the nature of herbs. 


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