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Understanding Enerhealth Botanical's Herbal Extraction Process


The Eclectic School of Medicine: Herbal Extraction Philosophy

There are many techniques for the extraction of herbs, including hemp. Here at Enerhealth Botanicals with several decades of extraction experience and positive customer outcomes, we follow a philosophy espoused by the ‘Eclectic School of Herbalism’ that was in existence from the mid 1800’s to 1940.  At their core they espoused the use of whole plants with little exposure to direct heat and of the formulation of herbal remedies based on historical knowledge about herbs and their actions as well as consumer feedback to effectiveness if specific formulas. Those processes implemented by those teachers in the school were furthered by, among others, Michael Moore. Our formulations were designed by a student of Michael’s, Linda Whitedove, and our hemp + herb formulations were created by a student of Moore’s and Linda’s, Diana Dummer. Thus, the tradition lives on here at Enerhealth Botanicals.

We have taken many of the processes for herbal extraction created by John Uri Lloyd in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and have updated them to modern equipment and chemistry principles while maintaining the core of the eclectic’s approach. We don’t use any direct heat on our extraction processes and the majority, over 95%, of our herbs are extracted below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is normally considered ‘raw’. We extract in a menstruum of water and organic cane alcohol in various proportions depending on the herb being processed. Many roots require somewhat more intensive extraction temperatures but the results using our processes are impressive.

About five years ago we added an additional step in our herbal processing, Spagyric Method. This process takes the remaining herb after the liquid extraction and further refines the plant to extract the mineral salts. We then reintroduce these salts into the liquid extraction. Our third party lab analyzed the results and even though he initially stated that nothing would occur by reintroducing the salts, he had to change his opinion. It appears that adding the salts exploded the molecules into nano particles. The smaller the particle size the better your body can assimilate the compound and with the addition of the salts we believe that the bioavailability is even further enhanced.

Thus, our spagyric products have seen multiple customers reorder time and again from Enerhealth Botanicals after trying many alternatives that just didn’t work! We take pride in our processes and their effectiveness proven over two decades of many happy customers that were pleased with the results. One must realize that there is no ‘magic bullet’ out there for anything. When choosing the alternative herbal pathway to health, one must use these products several times a day over a longer period of time feel/see results. That is the nature of herbs. 

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