Spagyric Herbal Extracts

Spagyric Herbal Extracts

Our proprietary spagyric process allows us to deliver truly whole-plant extracts for superior absorption and efficacy - absolutely pure and continually tested. We always seek new ingredients and unique ways to bring their goodness into every part of the day.

Spagyric Medicine dates back to the ancient times in Greece when Unani medicine was practiced and codified by Paracelsus and Hippocrates, the forefathers of modern medicine. It is an ancient alchemical process for preserving and potentizing medicine. Spagyric medicine is prepared by reconstituting the cell salts (minerals) back into the herbal extract. Our spagyric herbal extracts were sent out for third party HPLC analysis of potency in the key constituents, and results show an increase of ten times the normal values found in herbal tinctures.