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Healthier Cat Foods

Darren and I did a show on pet health and then a newsletter. It did not occur to us that we had failed to mention anything about cat food and cat health. So, our apologies and this little tidbit, I hope will rectify that omission.

Cat food brands that have a great reputation:

  • Wellness Core, non-grain based, high protein and may not cause diarrhea.
  • Natural Balance, great for allergic conditions
  • Orijen, non-grain based high protein-some cats refuse to eat this but love Wellness Core.
  • Felidae, grain in it but not as much as some

You must not change over from a grain-based food to one of these high-protein foods in one-fell-swoop; your cat will get diarrhea and not like you for a while.

Remember to put a teaspoon of Enerfood on their food for the algaes, seaweeds, grasses, and herbs! They will thank you for it!

So as far as cat foods go, this is a pretty good list. Most can be found on the web and in specialty pet food stores...

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