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Spagyric Hemp Ache Away Topical Spray

Spagyric Hemp Ache Away Topical Spray

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Our Spagyric Hemp Ache Away Topical Spray will help take the ache away! This blend of spagyric whole plant hemp extract soothes minor aches and discomforts of the muscles and joints. Menthol helps modulate inflammation and adds a strong cooling and warming sensation for effective pain relief. This formula also promotes detoxification so healthy blood can help the body deal with the effects of allergens.

  • Provides instant pain relief!
  • Contains 100 mg of spagyric full spectrum hemp extract per 2oz. bottle
  • Made with non-psychoactive, ethically grown, local Colorado hemp
  • Incorporates trace minerals through spagyric extraction and provides overall nourishment
  • Supports the nervous system and can promote healthy sleep and relaxation


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