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NutriCafé Organic Reishi Coffee 12 oz

NutriCafé Organic Reishi Coffee 12 oz

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NutriCafé Organic Reishi (Ganoderma) Coffee

Since 2006, the Original Organic Mushroom Coffee with Reishi extract infused into the whole bean.

  • 100% Certified Organic & Fair-Trade, Whole Arabica Coffee Beans
  • All the anti-oxident benefits of coffee, plus benefits of Reish

  • Roasted frequently and in small batches to ensure the freshest cup of joe!

  • No mushroom taste guaranteed! Only fresh roasted coffee flavor! 
  • Low caffeine and acid levels.
  • The benefits attributed to the Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) mushroom are many and, according to oriental herbal texts, include:  Immune Support, Heart Health, Blood sugar benefits, combating Fatigue, anti-0xidant and many others that can't be named on our site.

We have roasted and infused, gourmet organic coffee that is good for you for over a decade.! We roast our 100% certified organic arabica beans and then infuse them, using our proprietary process, with our Reishi medicinal mushroom extract. The final result is truly a guilt-free coffee, with a gourmet taste, that boosts your immune system with every sip.

You might also try our Performance blend containing extracts of Reishi and Cordyceps, the 'silver and gold' currencies of ancient oriental medicine.

Check out the link below for 3 new Reishi Popsicle recipes!


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