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Mushroom Marvel Coffee Trio

Mushroom Marvel Coffee Trio

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Introducing the Ultimate Mushroom Coffee Trio! This bundle is a powerhouse of wellness and flavor, perfect for coffee connoisseurs looking to boost their health game..

Lion's Mane Blend (16 oz): Kickstart your mornings with a cup of clarity and focus. Normally priced at $20.99, this brew is infused with Lion's Mane mushrooms, renowned for their brain-boosting properties.

Chaga Elixir (16 oz): Embrace the ancient wisdom of Chaga mushrooms, normally priced  $20.99. This earthy elixir is your ally in the fight against oxidative stress, offering a robust, grounding experience.

Immune Support Brew (16 oz): Strengthen your defenses with every sip for, priced at $20.99. Our Immune Support blend combines the best of adaptogenic mushrooms to fortify your body's natural resilience

Together, these blends form the Mushroom Marvel Coffee Pack, a curated collection that doesn't just awaken your senses but also nurtures your well-being. Savor the synergy of health and taste, all wrapped up in one delightful package!

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