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Longevity Blend Herbal Extract

Longevity Blend Herbal Extract

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Our Longevity Blend Herbal Extract is a well-rounded formula of roots and herbs that target everything from mental clarity to digestion, but this recipe is especially crucial in the battle against old age! (Or at least what can be prevented) Adaptogenic herbs help the body adapt to the stressors of life, and herbs for memory and improved thinking contribute to overall long-term well-being. This mix is rich in flavonoids, giving it strong antioxidant properties while the antioxidants protect cells by staving off damage from free radicals.

  • Apoptogenic qualities improve mental clarity and boost brain power
  • Protects the liver, cleanses the lungs and improves digestion
  • Promotes healthy glucose metabolism and healthy cell growth
  • Offers liver protection and helps with cholesterol metabolism
  • Anti-inflammatory properties target joints like knees and elbows


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