The Daily Dose - Are you getting enough B12?

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin B12?

Many nutrients are important to our health and one that is getting a fair amount of attention these days is Vitamin B12, probably because it is often considered an energy vitamin. Lack of nutrients can lead to symptoms and diseases. It is estimated that at least 40% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin B12. This is very important. Pregnant women who are deficient in B12 are much more likely to give birth to babies with neural tube defects, a very serious problem that affects the nervous system and brain development. Chronic coughs that will not go away are often related to a B12 deficiency. Alzheimers is another disease that is very much linked to a lack of Vitamin B12. In fact lack of B12 has been shown to lead to shrinkage of brain tissue.

The variety of B12 you use is crucial here. Most supplement manufacturers use cyanocobalamin, which is hard for the body to absorb as well as being manufactured from dubious sources. We should all be using Methylcobalamin, which our bodies can readily absorb.

B12 supplementation can make notable differences in our energy levels and our overall moods and ability to deal with stress. Food sources of B12 include raw milk, true free range eggs and supergreen formulas that include greens such as spirulina and chlorella.