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    The Daily Dose - February 21st - The Most Dangerous & Primary Toxins.

    The Most Dangerous and Primary Toxins To Avoid

    Some of the most important toxins for us to be aware of and avoid are Petrochemicals & Heavy metals.

    Petrochemicals are chemicals that are derived from petroleum. Some of the most important petrochemicals to avoid are parabens, which are present as preservatives in body-care products and even liquid supplements. Other petrochemicals to avoid are Phthalates, which are used to soften plastics and are present in water bottles and other plastic containers. Phthalates have a potent gender bending effect on hormonal levels and should be avoided as much as possible.

    When it comes to heavy metals two of the most prevalent ones to be concerned about are lead and mercury. Despite the prohibition of lead in paints in the late 1970’s many homes in the US still contain them. Lead can cause a variety of health problems including birth defects, and problems with your lungs, skin and heart.

    Mercury is also still a big problem. For instance, in dentistry, mercury is still widely used in silver amalgams with about 50% of the material being mercury. The irony of this is that Dentists must use extensive precautions for their own safety to avoid contact yet the mercury can still legally be placed in your mouth…hipocracy defined? Additionally, Mercury is still used in Vaccines (although big-pharma will try to convince you otherwise) and is extremely toxic. 

    Avoiding toxins must include an organized approach to mindfulness when it comes to choosing the products you use for cleaning both your body and your home in order to avoid as many of these toxic inputs as possible.