The Daily Dose - March 27th - Pink Slime Victory!


Pink Slime Victory - We won!

I am very excited to announce that just a couple of weeks after all of the protest over the waste animal parts such as ligaments, fat and tendons and higher bacteria count material allowed in our beef, change has come. This stuff is less nutritious and basically a scam. The good news is that most stores have now pulled it off their shelves. One of the main companies manufacturing this product, Beef Products International, has closed three plants over this affair. The great news here is that if consumers can make their voices heard we can make change. This kind of change is one we must make felt with regards to GMO’s. There should be no place for inferior, health destroying foods on our supermarket shelves.

We as consumers can stand up and make our voices count. Let’s continue as we the people to strongly influence policy in a positive direction with regards to our health and that of our children. Education and concerted political action can change things for the better.