The Daily Dose - February 22nd - How to Cleanse and Eliminate Toxins

How to Cleanse & Eliminate toxins.

Detoxifying your body from toxins is crucial. We try to limit our exposure to toxins as much as possible but the simple fact is we cannot fully protect ourselves because toxins are so abundant.  That is why is it so important to cleanse a few times a year if not more regularly. 

When you begin to cleanse & detox toxins from our systems you will see changes in your skin and your energy and a gradual reduction in symptoms we may have been dealing with.

Our Product Enerfood can help you detoxify & cleanse your system on a daily basis while also providing you with powerful nutrients and energy to help you throughout your day. The Enerfood Super Green Drink is a blend of superfoods that are rich in greens and has a large amount of spirulina and chlorella, both of which are very valuable in removing chemical and heavy metal toxicity from the body. When we have large amounts of these toxins in our bodies, we tend to experience symptoms such as bad breath, excessive body odor, sluggishness and poor skin. Enerfood was designed to help eliminate these toxins thus increasing your energy, mental focus, and overall health.