The Daily Dose - February 22nd - How To Avoid Toxins

How To Avoid Toxins

Avoidance of toxins is paramount in our quest for optimal heath and should include a concerted approach to avoid as many of the toxins we talked about in parts 1 and 2 of this series.

In regards to lead, the first place to start is our homes and living situations. We can make a conscious decision not to live in older homes or to have them professionally remodeled in order to avoid exposure to lead. We can also choose to live in areas of the country that do not have high amounts of lead in the soils because of past industrial smelting activities. These decisions can sometimes be difficult because of  

When it comes to mercury we should avoid mercury based fillings at our dentist’s office and even consider having older amalgams professionally removed. If possible avoid living near coal fueled power plants. 

With petrochemical toxins avoidance is key and quite easy. Avoiding phthalates in plastic should include not storing your leftovers in plastic containers or drinking from plastic water bottles. Stainless steel water bottles are now easy to find and glass is also an option if you can use it safely in your personal circumstances. Also avoid BPA in containers. BPA is present in the lining of all canned foods other than one company called Eden Foods.  

Additionally, Parabens are another big culprit. Breast cancer sufferers have been demonstrated to have high levels of parabens in their breast tissue when compared to a control group that had no history of breast cancer.  Parabens are found in almost all body care products including lotion.  Be sure to read your labels as your skin is your largest organ and absorbs these parabens.