The Daily Dose: GMO Apples - An Apple That Never Browns

GMO Apples:  An Apple That Never Browns

How would you like an apple that did not turn brown? Well guess what? Soon you might be able to find one on your supermarket shelf. Sounds good right? Problem is that the genetic engineering used to create such a freak of nature will create unnatural proteins in the fruit. This might not seem like a problem but unnatural proteins are thought by many researchers to be responsible for many of the unusual disease popping up, many of which are related to inflammation.

This Franken-Apple is called The “Arctic Apple,” and was engineered by the British Columbia–based Okanagan Specialty Fruits, They feel that this new creation might increase industry sales but seem less concerned about whether it is safe for the consumer.

Some concerned groups feel that this will change apples into an industrialized product that could easily be sold in plastic bags rather than in its natural form as a whole fresh fruit.

The gene used reduces the production of a natural enzyme responsible for the browning. The most likely varieties to appear first would be Golden Delicious and Granny Smith The potential for cross-pollination is also serious and would occur without any way to control it.

While companies claim that only one relevant gene is changed in the engineering process it is very likely that other genes have also been changed. In fact a ex Monsanto employee tells us that “other proteins that are being produced, not just the one we want, a byproduct of the genetic engineering process.”

His name is Mr. Azevedo, a gentleman who had also been studying protein diseases and knew that such proteins could be toxic. When he said to Monsanto that they needed to destroy the seeds from the toxic GE crop so they weren’t fed to cattle, the other researcher said that Monsanto isn’t going to stop doing what it’s been doing everywhere else.

As you might imagine no testing has been done to assure the apples’ safety in the long-term, and we know that scientists are seeing high rates of birth defects in hamsters and livestock fed genetically engineered soy and corn.

Action Alert!

The USDA has opened a 60-day public comment period on Okanagan’s application for approval of the GE apple trees. Action Alert! Please send your message to USDA about the dangers of GMO foods, and tell them to keep apples natural!