Enerhealth Botanicals

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We make & sell products that promote a holistic approach to health, feeding and caring for both your body & mind. These products include Hemp Products, Nutricafé Organic Immune Support Coffee, Cocoa Mojo Immune Support Organic Cocoa Powder & the award winning Enerfood Superfood Powder!

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For over a decade, Enerhealth has been quietly crafting a library of potent whole-body, whole-living botanicals. We combine plant-based wisdom and scientific know-how to deliver remedies and foods that naturally elevate everyday living, in every way

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We believe the medicine cabinet and the pantry should offer the same thing - relief and nourishment from the earth. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the best wild-crafted and care-grown botanicals, free from contaminants and full of nature's powerful benefits.

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Our proprietary spagyric process allows us to deliver truly whole-plant extracts for superior absorption and efficacy - absolutely pure and continually tested. We always seek new ingredients and unique ways to bring their goodness into every part of the day.

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