EnerFood Testimonials - Real Stories From Our Customers

Below are all real stories from our customers about how EnerFood and other products (not just ours) has helped them in some way shape or form. These are real stories from real people and they are very personal.  I thank everyone for sharing and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for the impact we have made.

For those of you that submitted your story, please let it be known that I made basic grammatical corrections and removed non-pertinent information for the ease of reading them.  

Thank you & Be Well,

Steve St Clair


These statements are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.  These are personal stories with personal results and opinions.  We are not doctors or try to pretend to be.  Any statements made herein are that of individual record and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  

The views and opinions expressed below are not those of EnerHealth Botanicals.  Furthermore, these stories were submitted in response to a "giveaway" contest.  These stories are not being judged and the drawing is random. Customers have NOT been given compensation for their entry and have given us permission to use their story.  




I live on the road most of the time. Eating healthy out on the road is a MAJOR challenge, but EnerFood makes this MAJOR challenge MUCH easier! I make it with hemp milk and a banana and tastes great! Very recommended! I love this stuff! 

Deric N 


I suffer from syringomyellia, a spinal disorder. I used enerfood, combined with coconut powder for about a year. It made a big difference in how i feel from day to day, and to be able to cope with with the daily struggle. Getting proper nutrition is so very important and this went a long way to accomplish that. I have, and, very highly recommend these products to other people.

Thank you,  



I don't have a particular story of it saving my life or anything like that but it surely improves my well-being! The endless amounts of energy I get from it is incredible, I only wish I could afford it more so I can buy it more. Thank you for everything you've done. And your cocoa mojo is incredible!!!!! It's certainly my favorite hot chocolate ever, by far. It's amazing on a cold day.

Thank you,



Every morning my college bound son makes his Enerfood Shake adding a heaping tablespoon of CocoaMoJo and frozen fruit.  What a delicous way to wake up!

Kathy and Jake


My story starts in 2006. I began consuming Enerfood approximately 1 month before finding out that I had a metastasized breast cancer stage 4.  The horse doctor in my local town had been giving me steroids; he was convinced I had allergies. When my daughter took me to the hospital I had full-blown pneumonia. The C.A.T. scan determined a tumor in my lung. That’s when my work began.

I wasn’t much into natural cures but upon research of Enerfood and wanting to bring the ph levels up in my body, the cocktail became inventive. I started adding turmeric, cinnamon, bragg’s vinegar, oxey E., all kinds of vitamins and zeolite. Had refused the chemo and radiation so being the good lab rat, I agreed to go on a study with GlaxonSmithKline. It was a blind study so I don’t know the name of the drug. Along with that was a hormone replacement drug. There were 6 of us on the study in the state of Texas.

After @ 6 months, the tumor had shrunk to almost nothing. I did practice mind of matter also. That’s when I started flushing all the drugs down the toilet. Oh, sometimes I would do a few days worth because of blood labs but after awhile I just quit that altogether. Then I started refusing cat scans, muga, bone scans. GSK threatened to take me off the study but didn’t. You know why? I was the only survivor of their study. The oncologist was in amaze. I asked if they knew if I was on the drug or the placebo. They were not able to divulge that information.

Then came the prodding. They wanted to know of any supplement, diet, exercise, prayers, dating, what was I doing.

The oncologist was convinced I had the true drug and thus far the contributing factor to my amazing recovery. That was in 2010. Since then I’m with a different oncologist. She told me it was obvious that I wasn’t on the drug as I had no side effects. Uhh-huh. I looked at my chart and found the list of my concoctions. Enerfood was one. Turmeric was listed as a drug and she made me call everything out twice. I commented that she must have had a loved one who is looking for a cure. She was sharp with me and stated my condition is terminal. I told her, “ My Momma always said, if you don’t have nothing nice to say, just don’t say anything at all”. We’re all terminal, we know what is inevitable. Have fun and slide across home plate, shake it off, and go up to bat again.

Just a note, I was given 5 years to live back in 2006. That is what the first oncologist told me when I was in the hospital. I asked him to give me the phone, he inquired why, I stated, “ I need to call my kids, they need to get to fornicating cause I ain’t leaving this earth without grandbabies.” To this day I have 6 beautiful grandchildren and I know, none of this would be possible without the grace of God and Enerfood and other miraculous substances. Amen.



In this day of GMO foods it's good to know that Enerfood is 100% healthy. Enerhealth is the only company I know of that backs its ingredients completely by sharing its sourcing information with its customers. Several times in the recent past the Enerhealth folks have shared fairly detailed information, including an informative video, proving the purity of their product ingredients and the geographical areas from which the Enerfood ingredients are harvested. This product guarantee is far above and beyond any other health food purveyor I've seen to date. And I will not purchase drinkable green food products from any other retailer. 

Having said that, I've noticed a definite energy boost and sharper mental functioning very shortly after I consume Enerfood, and I am then ready for the day, and feeling positively energetic, for many hours afterward.  Thanks Enerhealth for supplying a superior product and the priceless benefits of great good health. Sincerely yours

John A


Dear Enerfood & Staff,

Thank You So Much for your effort and devoted research in putting together this awesome product.  I will forever be passing on the wonderful benefits of Stamina, Energy, Clarity and overall health received by ingesting Enerfood.  Being Forever Thankful.

Jo from Ohio


Well as of several months ago I found as well as good tasting I found myself having more energy, and I am 55 years young!

My husband and I discovered Enerfood when we were struggling for energy. Ordering it and using it faithfully for a while was an effort to regain our lives. We had been eating reasonably well but just couldn't get a grasp on that healthy, want to get up and go feeling. 

We really appreciate the boost that enerfood gave us, the new lease on life. It is something we would like very much to continue.

Brenda and Joel


Here is my story. 

I have learned that fasting is beneficial for me not only physically but most importantly spiritually.  I began practicing fasting back in about 2008.  I lead an active life and a job that requires a moderate level of physical demands.  On top of this I also have blood sugar issues.  As I began doing a fast with just water or juices I quickly realized that this was causing issues with my blood sugar levels.  I would get very shaky and begin experiencing various muscle cramps.  It was at this point that I began making an Enerfood Smoothie (enerfood, frozen fruit, and ice) for my breakfast.  I would drink one of these each morning and then only the water of juice the remainder of the day.  Perhaps some may feel that is not a true fast but believe me, during my longest fast of 3 weeks I was praying the Lord would tell me it was complete and I could eat solid food.  Boy did I ever want to eat a warm meal.  Not so much because I was hungry but the taste and normalcy of a meal.  Anyway, once I started the Enerfood drink in the morning the shakes and muscle cramps were gone. 

It was at this point that I also determined that breakfast being "the most important meal of the day" that I wanted to know that I was getting real nutrition and not some GMO excuse of some sort of "food", so I began making the Enerfood drink my breakfast every day.  To this day I continue to use Enerfood as my breakfast and my primary source on nutrition to keep me going during times of fasting.

I have tried other "Green" foods but they did not compare. I believe in your product and will only use it. I trust you and your product, its the real thing for me

Thank you, 

- George


You cant put a price on health! Once I am able, I will be getting a larger and more frequent supply of enerfoods. This will replace coffee in my household, as I have found that the energy derived from enerfoods lasts, and has no crash or after effects. This stuff is life changing for real; it WILL lead to a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

The Ultimate Combo

I loved the Ultimate Combo for Coffee, Cocoa and Coconut Powder.  I like the idea that the coffee was organic but it also had antioxidants in it; the cocoa was just right -- not too sweet or too bitter and most of all I loved the coconut powder; I used it in place of cream in my coffee.  Next time I'll add in the Coconut Palm Sugar.

Carol C.


To the creators of the "Green Drink",

Not to put my personal/financial business out there but every 2-3 weeks my mom and I are texting each other back and forth, when are we going to order the "green stuff " (our code name because we refused to share our secret with others, which is probably not spiritually healthy), how many bottles do we think we can afford or should we just order one and share it. I mean, my mother and I get scared if we think we're going to have go more than 3 days without our green stuff.

Just to give a little background history on me, I had been diagnosed with Graves Disease at a very young age and part of my symptoms included a very large appetite and extreme cravings. Luckily I was very much into fitness and my eating habits didn't greatly impact my figure but as we all know as you get older your metabolism slows down and sometimes even exercise does not matter when you over consume food. But luckily my mother had introduced me to the Superfood energy drink, I would say probably ten years ago when I was 25yrs old.

And let me explain why I am blessed to have been to discover this natural energy source. So again about ten years ago I would have 2 tablespoons of the green stuff everyday faithfully with either grapefruit or orange juice. I would have it for breakfast, a very lite lunch and then a regular dinner. The effects of this natural power source were amazing, not only did I lose weight, my cravings went away and I ate more like most would consider a normal person. And for about a year I looked great.

People would give me compliments and ask what was I doing or taking? I would tell them and I think most didn't believe me and didn't want to take the chance of blowing close to 50 bucks on some "energy drink". I couldn't blame them. Even I couldn't believe the results and started to second-guess the "green stuff". I started telling myself this stuff probably was dangerous to consume on a regular basis and couldn't be all-natural and the best thing to probably do was to stop taking it. So that's what I did and Lord was that dumb.

My cravings came back, I was eating the house down and I couldn't exercise enough to keep the weight off and this went on for about 8 years. To make a long story short about a year ago, my mother and I had this great idea, let's startup with the green drink again. Wow what made us want to start something up again that we thought may have been dangerous and wasn't sure how it produced the wonders that it did. I think this time we actually sat down and read the ingredients and again reflected upon how we felt back when we were using it and realized this green stuff is the real deal and now part of our lifestyle and will be for a very long time. I mean, don't get me wrong I still have to eat healthy and exercise regularly but not only do I think I look good but I also believe the green drink promotes emotional and mental well being.

The "Green Stuff" is powerful and this time its my little secret, I am choosing not to share it with others but my mom....okay maybe its too late now because I once I hit send its out in cyberspace…lol…the world will find out…lol.

As they say people come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime…the green stuff came into my life for a season but now it is here for a lifetime.

I just wanted to say thanks again to the creators of the drink and take care...

Marlysha H


I really don't like drinking my smoothies without it.  Drink it every morning.  Even take it camping




Enerfood is the "missing link" in my struggle to get in shape finally. I was eating right, doing exercise and I thought I was doing everything right. What I didn't realise that I wasn't getting proper nutrients from standard diet and synthetic vitamins. The day I start taking Enerfood the first thing I noticed that I was clear headed. No more mental fogginess and grogginess that I had to face everyday around mid morning. Enerfood is not everything one needs but it is a big part towards a healthy lifestyle.   



Hi My name is Danny, I'm 28 years old...

I have been taking Enerfood off and on the past couple of years. This by far is the best drink on the planet. I feel so refreshed and on my toes after drinking Enerfood. I struggled with a pill addiction for 7 years and when I bought this product it changed my life...I'm now completely sober from pills and I have lost over 50 pounds! I still can't believe it. I'm internally grateful and I recommend you're product to everyone I know.

You guys are truly a lifesaver and I thank you :)


I began using Enerfood about 7 years ago when I was having problems caused by diabetes after hearing about it constantly on the Alex Jones Show.  It really is a wonderful product and gives you a great boost in the morning & throughout the day.

Over the years I have given it as gifts to several of my friends who have developed cancer and they said it really helped them through their chemo & other treatment processes.  I might add that they are all still living, doing well, and recently told me that they continue to use Enerfood. 

Debbie J.


Growing up food was an important part of my family culture. Family gatherings consisted of fried chicken, deep-dish mack and cheese, collard greens, the deeper the dish the more the pleasure! Sadly nutrition was not a part of our roundtable conversations; a multivitamin was our cure all for most things.

Years of improper eating and inferior supplements would soon take its toll on my family resulting in diabetics, high blood pressure and obesity.

That is when I decided enough is enough.  I began a search for something that would restore the health of my family.  I decided to start with myself. I would be the sacrificial lamb for my family!  I did not tell a soul, if it worked I would shout it from the roof top!

I Googled inner health; figuring good health worked from the inside out!  In error I put Ener health and voila up pops your site.  The rest is history!

I started with The EnerFood and Coconut Milk.  Not only did I begin to feel better I was told I looked vibrant and healthier.  I graduated to other products, all coupled with eating better.  My family could not deny what there were seeing, and soon I became the poster person for Living From The Inside OUT!  My skeptical husband is now on board.  He waits for my orders to arrive with a smile on his once doubtful face.

Thank you for your wonderful product. God bless you.

Loving my life.



I have trouble getting my allotment of vegetables in every day.  With Enerfood, it is easy.  

For breakfast I make a fruit smoothie – frozen fruits (bananas, grapes, berries, whatever), Greek yogurt, a protein powder, some non-fat milk and a scoop of Enerfood.  The frozen  fruit makes a thick smoothie and eliminates the need for added sugar – it is fast, wholesome and complete.  This satisfies me until lunchtime and I don’t have to worry about getting my servings of fruits and vegetables.  Also, since my body is getting everything it needs, my cravings are reduced.”



My mother always drilled into us the need to eat your greens. I didn't much like the idea at the time or maybe was just being rebellious as I found myself loving greens as an adult but it just was never enough. The more I read on the topic, the more I understood the need for my body to have more and different types of greens that were never available to me as a child. In steps Enerhealth Botanical and their Enerfood which included practically every nutrient I needed! I actually love the taste as it feels Clean to me and even more the knowledge that I'm doing something good for my body! I am not a doctor so anything I say applies only to me but I absolutely feel cleansed, more energetic and even my type II diabetic glucose levels have come down,,, a lot! Taking fewer insulin shots is worth everything to me! I hope they always make this as I can't imagine running out and am trying to save up for the complete food storage buckets as well so that if something does happen of a catastrophic nature,,, well any zombie that eats me up will be feeling mighty good! Lol. Thank you Enerhealth and don't change a thing!



It's been well over a year since I started using EnerFood daily.  Along with dietary changes which included eliminating flour and it's derivatives such as pasta, bread etc.  I have noticed that my body doesn't feel "hot".  I guess it just doesn't feel inflamed, which used to make my face look reddish.  Along with said dietary changes, taking up yoga and using EnerFood daily I've shed 15 lbs, and have noticed how much cleaner my body feels from the inside out.  An interesting side effect is that my body has become a "crap" detector.  Food preservatives and sugar just make me feel ill.  



This is so easy for me to express how EnerHealth Botanical products have changed my life.  I was looking for a green powder with chlorella and spirulina.  I had never used a green powder before and began my search with The Natural News person, Mike Adams.  He had selected your Enerfood to be the best product in that category, so I went to your website and ordered your Enerfood combo.  I make a smoothie and use this product everyday.  I have extra energy and feel healthier. I have also tried your coffee infused with mushrooms, and the coca mojo and love both products so I can have a variety of healthy drinks.   I also mix the coconut powder in my coffee.  I wanted to make a rap song about your phenomenal products, but feel the beat and lyrics would not do the job with me typing the lyrics.  I then thought of a word to expand on, and that word is EnerFood.









I will continue to brag about this product to all of my friends.  I will continue to use this product for as long as I can.  I am also a health care provider (RN) and will continue to share this wonderful product with others!!!!

Thank you for allowing me to participate in this contest.  Hope your company continues to thrive. 


Beth C.  RN


Hello to my wonderful friends at Enerhealth Botanicals.

I must say, I have been taking your combination of Enerfood and the Coconut Milk powder and have found them to be an excellent combination when used in conjunction with Nutrex's Spirulina. It makes for a very good power shake in the AM. I have been taking Enerfood for about 6 months straight now and have noticed a definite increase in clarity, alertness, as well as overall increased energy over the course of my busy day. Enerfood is very convenient for on-the-go people like me. I think I remember Darren saying that was one of the reasons why it was created. I know this, if I go even 1 day without taking this, it seems my day seems to drag and lag. I purchased the full 12-month supply. Enerfood is also good for detoxing and chelating the heavy toxins. I've noticed I've had more regular bowl movements. Overall this product is in my top 5 daily mainstays, as well as emergency supplies.

Thank you very much for such a wonderful product my friends,



Enerfood has changed my life in every way. I have more energy my skin and hair looks better. I have more energy than I did in my 20s. Thank you so much. By the way I love Cocoa Mojo. 



I have been on Enerfood for about three years give or take. Let me tell you it has helped keep my blood pressure down and my immune system up. It is a wonderful product I only wish I could afford to buy more of it. The coffee is also great, good on your stomach.

When I call to place an order or just ask a question the guys are always pleasant and helpful, they don't make you feel like you are wasting their time, they have a sense of humor, I feel like family and I feel I can call with any question.

I am glad I found this product and I hope you all are around for a long time to come. Thanks for everything and for always being nice.


Lorraine V


I was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago. I did what most people do, I started using conventional medicines but, I did not change my diet. I thought that by only using the medicine the doctor prescribed was enough. After a while I noticed it was difficult to get out of bed, I was always in a bad mood and just didn't feel like getting out of bed. That's when I decided to change my diet and that's when I found enerfood. It was a great addition to my diet. Now I wake up more energize and have the energy to workout in the morning. I now it is not a cure but, it makes me feel good. 


Victor S.


Hi Steve,

Just wanted to drop a line on how satisfied I am with your Enerfood green powder. Honestly, I’ve tried probably at least 20 different brands including all the major ones. Yours has the best ingredients but just as important is the taste. My opinion you have the best tasting product of its kind. And I love your coffee too! Thanks again and I look forward to my next Enerfood cleanse in a couple weeks!

Mark S


My husband and I have an Enerfood smoothie 6 days a week, and we have been doing this for over a year, closer to two years probably.

Enerfood is an important part of our lives because it keeps us full and we don't tend to crave sweets. I am sure it is filling a nutritional void in our lives by providing the minerals and nutrients that our bodies crave because of our depleted food sources and soil and air and water.

For us...Enerfood provides the right path for us to get that extra boost of energy and meet the nutritional needs of our bodies so well.

Thank you for a "grand” product! It is exceptional! Also, we trust the resources...how it was made, what is in it, organic and pure.

Andy and Terry


I have been taking enerfood for quite some time now, it is an amazing powder, i take it before running and always have tons of energy, and I also have not had a cold or been sick for almost a  year now! Love love love enerfood!



I have just received my first order of enerfood, also heart support, and cayenne tincture. So very happy with the products, and the customer service i have received. Enerfood is the perfect fit for me. 4 months ago i rejoined a heath club, and bought a bicycle. I was 245 now 205. enerfood is just the product I need to continue my health, and health journey god bless you all at enerhealth, and be well.



A couple years ago I weighed around 178lbs. at the age of 46. I heard about your product on Hawk's radio show. I felt bad and had no energy. So I took a chance and bought some Enerfood. I made the smoothies with fresh berries and had this for breakfast, they were yummy. I would also mix it with apple juice for the afternoon. I could not believe the increase in my energy. Before I knew it the weight was coming off naturally. I lost over 40 lbs and feel better than ever! Thanks Enerfood. 

Stressed RN


I started using your products 5 years ago. Constantly hearing of your products on Steve Quayle’s shows and always on Hawks show, I bought several different products to try and have since been a regular customer. My every day breakfast is 2 scoops Meal Replacement, 1 scoop Enerfood, 2 scoops Coconut Milk Powder, 6-8 oz 100% cranberry juice, shake well and chug. I feel great and am not hungry till mid day. I also do your liver cleanse and kidney flush. I have used your detox every 3 months and my kids love the coco mojo.

Thanks for all the great mornings!!!!!

Mike M.


I started taking Enerfood when the Fukushima disaster occurred.  My goal was to find the best, GMO free, chelating supplement.  Doing a lot of research, and at Mike Adams recommendation, I purchased my first bottle.  I was blown away by the energy boost and mental clarity.  The Green Superfood and Coconut powder has been a staple in my diet ever since.  Thank you.  




I discovered Enerfood when I was searching for some healthy superfood without any sweetener or Stevia, something alkalizing and providing energy.  I wanted something gluten free.  I read many testimonials online from many health related sites and Enerfood caught my attention. 

I don't want to skip meal or reach for fast food when I don't have time to prepare a wholesome healthy meal or snacks.  Enerfood comes to my rescue.  It is great to add to my breakfast.  It gave me great energy to start the day.  There is no hunger or energy dip mid morning till I am ready for lunch.  It is a great pick me up in the afternoon when I need something between lunch and dinner.  It balances my blood sugar so there is no surge and dip like other energy drinks.

I love it.  I love the taste.  In fact, it has become my favorite superfood drink specially with the coconut powder. It is also the best value superfood on the market.  With less than a dollar per serving, there is no more excuse of not being able to eat healthy. There are many choices of superfood out there on the market but many are sweetened with Stevia to disguise the taste.  Enerfood tastes great and healthy.

Monnie R


To be perfectly honest I'm a Boku guy and have been for 6 plus years. Love the stuff.  2 scoops with 5 oz grapefruite juice for taste and who needs coffee!  Couple months ago I decided to mix things up and tried your enerfood and coconut milk powder combo.  They are both great though the coconut milk doesn't dissolve well but the chunks taste great! So anyway, long story short, I will be an ongoing customer.  Love the coconut powder and understand oil and water don't mix…It's all good.  Also love my Boku and will alternate between them to get the best of both.  Wish you all the best. 



A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that traditional medicine treats with pharmaceuticals that minimize the pain but do not cure the disease. Also, the body is not left without side effects.  Without the measure of pain, how do you know if you are healing? So I chose to research natural alternatives - to manage, not mask.

It's an ongoing journey and I am grateful for the healing providers that have been put in my path. At the right time, I was introduced to the right modality to take me to my next step.

My journey has taught me that everything happens for a reason.  Last fall it was the chance introduction to Enerfood by a colleague.

We were a frazzled group, overworked on an involved project and he brought in his amazing energy drink for us to try.  Of course it tasted like drinking grass, but I noticed a difference almost immediately and decided to hunt down some for my own - no easy feat because it is not available in Canada.

At this point I should add that I had counsel from a naturopath to reduce body acid levels, but results from Enerfood far outstripped what I got from neutralizing supplements.  I am at a healthy pH.

I had to step back because I went too fast into health and fibre after a lifetime of processed foods but  I am back on track with a day that starts with my Enerfood smoothie, followed by meals of whole, close to the earth, foods.  My energy is up, my weight is down, and I am in awe of the body fat I am losing.

Best of all, every day I experience positive differences that show me my body is healing. If I create a healthy environment, how can my illness persist? Enerfood kick started a healthy lifestyle. Thank-you, EnerHealth, for Enerfood Green.

Regards, MS


Hello to Steve and your Staff,

Thank you for EnerFood!  When I take it in the morning, I have an increase in clarity of thought, no food cravings, and a calm, even, sustained energy that I have not ever experienced with any other meal replacement shake or supplement.

I use 1 Tbsp. of the coconut powder with 1 Tbsp. of the EnerFood. Makes it drinkable.



EnerFood...the last missing link to great Health!

My Girlfriend and I were searching for some natural Green products to gain the key to the missing lock to our health.

Thank God we found EnerFood!

Since being on this amazing product we both have an increase in clarity and feed so much better. In fact its when my Girlfriend went off this amazing product and tried something else for a couple months did she realize what she was missing! 

Without a doubt this is the best product in its class and I highly recommend it to anyone that is "Serious" about their health!

I have found that since being on this product my energy level has increased...I need less sleep than I used to and my Stamina is back to where it used to be years ago!


Richard G


We started taking Enerfood a while back. It helped us so much we told our folks; friends etc.  We noticed we were not wanting to eat as much. Felt satisfied. Felt better mentally and physically. When doing a 3 day fast and only taking Enerfood and water.  (We LOVE the taste and don't mix it with juice) fasting was much easier. A lot of days we use Enerfood as a meal replacement. 

Even though Enerfood is super fantastic we ran into a slow time in our shop. We couldn't afford it for a while. We were really sad, as we knew how much it helped both of us. Then my step-mother bought us Enerfood on your after Christmas sale and boy were we thankful.  We are in the middle of moving and that is very hard/stressful but Enerfood is getting us through!  We hope that we can continue taking it as money allows. Thanks for all you do we enjoy Darren's show and wouldn't miss Hawk's show!


Clay/Robin S.


I love your enerfood product I was informed about your product from Mike Adams.  I bought my first canister over two years ago and have been buying it ever since. I make a smoothie with it at least twice a week and it gives me the energy I need to get through the day. I have even let my friends try it and told them about it as well. I have bought the coconut milk product and use it along with the Enerfoods product in my smoothies and it adds an extra boost of energy when they are combined together.  I am so glad I have tried your product and I will continue to buy it as it gives me energy and is healthy for me.

Thank you and keep producing healthy quality products,

Michael N.


Several years ago, my children would get sick and have to go on antibiotics about 4 or 5 times a year.  I always feed my children well, and they very rarely get sweets or processed junk foods.  I could not understand why my friends' children could catch a cold and get over it, but my children would end up with some sort of bacterial infection. About 2 1/2 years ago, I started giving my children Enerfood.  To my wonderful surprise, they stopped getting sick.  They have caught a cold or 2, but nothing they weren't able to fight off in a couple of days - no antibiotics required. I always tell people about the turn-around in their immune systems due to Enerfood.

Thank you for such an amazing product.

God bless you.

Laura C.


I wanted to share my story with you guys because this was seriously the best product i have found yet.  I truly love and look forward to drinking this every morning. 

Here it is...

"I have been consuming Enerfood everyday now for the last 14 months.  One cannot imagine the changes it makes in your life unless you are actually the one drinking it every day.  I am always met with skepticism when i try to explain the benefits of drinking enerfood every morning.  I just tell them; you should try it, I am speaking from experience, I have been drinking it for quite awhile now and I can FEEL the benefits.  Sometimes I will forget to drink it on a weekend morning, a few hours later I will be feeling a little off and it is because I didn’t drink my enerfood.  This powder has been one of the biggest helpers in my regimen to get me feeling good on a daily basis.  My job requires me to be mentally alert and clear at all times, and I truly feel that Enerfood helps to keep my mind nimble and sharp.  It may seem silly that I think a powder can do that, but Enerfood contains the nutrients your body needs to function on a high level that it just cant get from a normal diet.  This product will not cure all ailments, but used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle/diet it will make you feel better then you thought you could ever feel.  I almost forgot the best thing about enerfood!  None of the ingredients are sourced from China or Japan.  With the realization that even "organic" farms in china use horribly contaminated water to irrigate their "organic" crops this is more important then most realize.  I want to take a moment to thank the people at Enerhealth Botanicals for making this great product available to us in a time where it is very hard to find reputable companies/products.  Bravo guys!"

Thank you,

Justin L


When my wife and I returned from riding our horses across the continent we were beat down and wore out. As you can imagine after two years of riding horses and almost no day off we were beyond tired. Physically, mentally and emotionally we were wreaked. When we got home we started taking a supplement we had taken for years before the ride, it was expensive and just not helping. After two years of no income, money was very tight, so my wife started researching. She found enerfood and asked if we should give it a shot? I said why not, with really no hope of anything helping. When we got the package in the mail I opened it and was honestly unimpressed, but I know my wife and when she researches something she usually finds the best in whatever field she is focused on. The first week went buy and I really didn't see a difference, but on week three this wonderful thing happened, a thing that most people take for granted called sleep. After the ride I was sleeping 8 hours or so a week, and sometimes 4 or 5 days with no sleep at all. It didn't start with 8 hours a night but I was sleeping every night at least a little, and that was a wonderful start. Now I would say I get an average a 6 hours a night which I'm very happy with and most of the aches and pains have gone away. My doctor says I still have a ways to go and other health issues to overcome the biggest being Lyme disease but I feel human again and I feel like I'm improving constantly. Enerfood gave me the boost I needed and continues to help me recover.   

Richard M


Periodically, I have tried to stop using my twice a day asthma inhaler to no avail.  Having taken Enerfood for a few months, I found that I could stop it, and have been inhaler free for nearly 6 months now!  I took the Enerfood container with me for my 6-month check-up with my doctor, and she was so impressed that she said she would take it, and give it to her children (who also have asthma) as she thinks that the Enerfood strengthened my immune system. She would like to have it in capsule form, especially for ease in having the children accept it. 

(She lengthened my next check-up to 1year!).

Thanks for a great product! 

Jean w.


Before enerfood my energy levels were dramatically lower, coffee only lasts so long. 

I’ve been using Enerfood since like Oct ’13.  I surf and work hard so weight has never been a problem.

My knee and ankle injuries are almost non-existent I credit this to enerfood. I have a torn minuscus in left knee for 2 yrs now.

Can’t get an operation due to all the time off from work.  Enerfood has allowed me to work, surf, and jog as though I was 30 again. I’m currently 46. 

Thanks for something real to drink. 

John m. b.


Enerfood is an excellent product! I don't really have the money to buy it much, I miss it! It sure does give your body what it needs! I like the better energy that it gave me in my brain to keep me more alert & it does STOP constipation...I love the regular bowel movements! 

I also used it to help with my weight loss goals. Family and friends have noticed a glow to my skin, especially last year when I was taking it, that's the RAW value of your product, however Enerfood needs something mixed with it, alone oh my lets NOT go there...hehe, it is great with Enerfood coconut powder and some juice for something quick 1st thing in the morning & at evening I had a great smoothie with Enerfood.

In this age of Chemtrails, Pesticides, mercury amalgam, drinking fluoride & all the levels of many other poisons, a product like Enerfood is a necessity!

P.S. Your Herbal Extracts have been excellent, especially your American Ginseng, Bladder, & Kidney extracts/tinctures.

Thanks for some GREAT products!



Enerfood is my “go to food”! For the past 2 ½ years I have focused on detoxification, exercising, and improving my diet. My diet has improved dramatically during this time frame, but once I tried Enerfood, I knew I found the food my body has been craving! Once I started using this product I noticed my cravings for unhealthy, unsatisfying foods dramatically diminish.

I now have an Enerfood smoothie every day for breakfast and often times in evening as well. I have increased energy and focus and I owe it to this wonderful SUPERFOOD!  I recently added the Coconut Milk Powder to my smoothie – awesome! Thank you for such wonderful products!

Glenn W


This is the first "green drink" I have liked the taste of.  I use your recipe and make a glass for my husband and myself every morning.  I find I feel fuller longer and am much more alert and clear headed than when I do not have it.  I ran out before I received my last order and could really tell a difference.  Was so relieved when it came in!  I use frozen organic strawberries and it gives a nice chill to my morning smoothie.  Denise

I have never really shared like this before, so here we go! I really love how the Enerfood has helped jump start my mornings! I have been using this product along with the Cocoa MoJo and the coconut milk powder. I also add a little cinnamon and ginger to it. I mix it in my blender with coconut milk. I love the natural clean feeling of how healthy it is!! It gives me a boost that seems to last me a while. I also have used some of the other products you have and never been disappointed.  I love the coffee too! I really feel the care you put in your products which always keeps me coming back! Thank-you!   

Nancy :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


At the ripe age of 60 I have become more aware of the effects that foods can have. Growing up with the "eat everything on your plate" and "there are people starving in the world" phrases were acceptable since Mom never fixed me a plate of processed foods. Since labeling doesn't tell all and shelf life seems to be more important than the health of the consumer, my sensitivity to those foods has increased.

EnerFood is the best way to keep a consistency of good nutrients available for the human body.  The daily dose of EnerFood keeps my body normalized - avoids the swings of high and low (not to mention the diarrhea).

More important than the nutrients available in EnerFood is the confidence in the producer/provider (YOU). The employees of EnerHealth are good for the soul. The sincerity and truths shown in every interaction with the company provides the assurance necessary when dealing with a substance that affects the body over a long period of time (not an immediate response). Trust is important.



For me, this is a remarkable story.

For more than fifteen years I have been taking a variety of prescription medicines (pantaprazole, prevacid, etc.) to stave off the painful effects of GERD (acid reflux). All the while knowing that there is growing evidence that these PPI's may themselves pose a serious health risk.

A few months back, my wife and I attended the Veg Fest at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. There we met the energetic team from EnerFood. I had heard about benefits of greens and the demonstration was great. So, I bought a jar and for the next month I had an EnerFood drink to start my morning. After about a month, I noticed was that the constant clearing of the throat after every meal had subsided. Encouraged by the progress I seemed to be making I re-ordered a second jar, then a third. When I ordered the third jar, I inquired if EnerFood made a natural, chemical-free, chewable antacid. I was told about Naturight. I thought this might be the opportunity I had been waiting for. With the progress I was making with Enerfood, and now with a "transitional" chewable antacid, I made the plunge.

I have been off PPI's for over three months! And although I need to be careful what I eat and how much (and who doesn't?), I couldn't be happier that I now am off ALL medications.

Thanks to all of you at EnerFood.

Mark L.


I know that there may be many like me in my way, in the need of more health, or maybe just really appreciating the quality of the products. There have been so many times that I always seem to miss all the sales, especially when I run out of enerfood coffee. I had bought in bulk a few years ago, and then a friend bought some for me a couple of years ago---and now I'm out again. There just isn't any coffee out there with the quality that Enerfood offers. I believe that Enerfood has the best coffee that there is. It is the best! I can surely tell the difference in such a real big way. My body seems to get the jitters and eventually becomes ill with other coffees, but Enerfood, it nourishes me and picks me up as well.

I'm just about out of the Greenfood, and coconut powder. It is amazing how this product can help provide health that is so needed. I'm just about 60 and I wouldn't go without it!

There are other products that I like to purchase, also. I really like the soaps and tinctures. The soaps are fantastic. I've bought tinctures that help with colds, flus, sore throat, sinuses, and others...and THEY WORK! Hooray!! 

I don't get to buy these products as often as I hope to, because of my very low income.

I try not to buy anything that is not natural anymore. Sometimes it is hard these days.

Thank you all for the great service and products that you provide.



Thank you for creating such an incredible product. I add a scoop to my green smoothies and know I am getting a high quality supplement to my diet I am trying to constantly improve to have better health and more energy.

Thanks again for all you are doing. I feel very confident in taking your products.

Maureen H.


I was not surprised to get an email from Steve asking for stories about EnerFood and it turns out I can give him many, from not only past, present, but future food supplementation. So bear with me, as we traverse through time and information.

I started life on a cattle ranch. Every form of high level nutrition was there. I was to play sports throughout my school years. Meat and potatoes was the name of the game. Later in life, I found myself in and out of third world countries for nearly ten years. I saw first hand what poor nutrition and lack of essential vitamins could do to us as humans. Surviving on little or no good nutrition does not do well for not only the physical status of a human, but also opens them up for diseases. Many and some you can not even imagine, nor want to see.

After returning to America, I was perplexed to see diets consisting of fast foods and TV dinners. And then came the microwave. I started studies on this. Wow! The nutrition levels were no longer there. And people were developing more allergies and were getting sick more often. Even requiring antibiotics. Because of my jobs in the world, I spent a lot of time outdoors, getting fresh air and using a lot of muscle. And I was still engaged in sports by boxing and weight lifting. So, nutrition was paramount for me to feel good, not get sick or contract some form of disease.

The years went on, but I didn't change my eating habits or my nutritional levels. I never got sick, stayed healthy and felt good. Still boxing and weight lifting. But, something was wrong. The nutrition was no longer solid. Time to investigate. And now with the internet for a research vehicle, I was able to come across startling information. As a result, we started supplementing nutritional requirements with more vitamins, minerals and proteins. 

That brings us to today and now. The world's population has gone out of control, the farmers and cattlemen have been run out by the corporate big interests. And several things have come into play. Our food supply no longer has the nutritional values we once had. It's not your fault, but rather those of big banks, investors and greedy corporations. So why is America fat, when third world countries don't have that big of a problem? Easy, the Genetically Modified foods you are eating do not provide the right nutrition or vitamins and minerals. But, your DNA makeup keeps you searching for more nutrition all the time. So, GMO foods not only deny you the right nutrition, it will make you search for it as you over eat to compensate for your body screaming for the right amount of nutrition. And most foods are highly laced with sugar or sugar byproducts to get you to like it. And want more of it. Cancer thrives on sugar. 

On top of the GMO problem, comes clean water problems. I saw that all too well in third world countries. And now our water supplies are highly laced with toxic chemicals, thought to help us. But instead are hurting us. Then, there is the air pollution. And now, even enhanced radiation levels due incidents all over the globe. So, here are more doors for cancer to wreak havoc on your system. So what do you do? How do you remain healthy, while others are actually being destroyed as a living organism right in front of your eyes?

First, get off the medications, if you can. Find the right companies to provide alternatives to major pharmaceutical ones. Second, clean up your water supply you consume. Third, stop drinking any form of soda. From any company. High sugar and toxins. Fourth, if you you live in a major air polluted city, just move to cleaner environments. Fifth, avoid any form of radiation out there, no matter how small the amount. It's accumulative over your lifetime. Whether in the environment or medically. And last, but most important.

Two things. Exercise hard. No matter what it is. I'm still boxing at least 10 rounds a week or more. And I lift over 400,000 lbs weight lifting per month. Next, educate yourself about GMO foods in the food supply chain. Never eat out. As we say in weight lifting, eat clean. How do I handle the GMO foods I can't get around from the grocery store? I supplement, with vitamins, minerals, proteins and EnerFood from EnerHealth Botanicals. The EnerFood will replace the missing stuff that has been removed through the GMO process. EnerFood is not the only thing I use. I use a lot, and I mean a lot of weight lifting supplements, from old school supplement companies I trust and have known for over 35 years. But, if I had only one supplement to choose from, either by cost or availability, I would use EnerFood hands down, every day. It's got everything you need to replace the missing links in GMO foods, and will provide a better healthy nutrition level. It also has ingredients we found to compensate for radiation eradication and cancer cell development. And don't forget the EnerHealth Botanicals herbal blends. We bought a whole battery of them, took them to third world countries, and survived it all. And now, we use the complete line, as we need them, here at home. Beats the doctor bills and high dollar prescriptions out there, that is bankrupting the average American today.

And now for the disclaimer. I'm 64 years old, 6'4" tall and weigh 185 lbs. No allergies, no medical problems, and can drop a 20-year-old athlete weight lifting in 13.26 minutes. 

EnerFood, is now and will be even more important in the future as the nutrition levels in the food supply falls even more, let alone the amount of food available to feed the world's population. I see a few companies with these Super Foods. I use two of them. It's funny to know that I get more good nutrition in just one serving of EnerFood, than is available in a couple of fast food burgers, fries and a soda. And EnerFood blows pizza nutrition all out.

This story is a moment for me to share what I know, have learned and lived. For a lot of years. Probably longer than you've been alive. Steve at EnerHealth Botanicals did not even know this story was available or coming his way. I am real. Not a Public Relations firm. I have received nothing for this story. 

Eat clean, learn about water, learn about GMO food. Exercise, don't drink sodas or eat out. Learn to cook at home. And supplement with great vitamins, minerals and above all else, EnerFood to replace the nutrition missing from the food supply chain.


EnerHealth Customer


I love my enerfood. I feel energized after taking it, I also am not as hungry, and eat less at meal times. Thank you for such a GREAT product I have referred your products to all my friends and relatives. Again, thank you so very much.

Renae K.


Seems like so long ago.... We were just beginning our journey to health with the local radio station promoting health and preparing. KGEZ in Kalispell MT provided a lot of great information for the locals and this is where I learned about Enerfood. Started taking it in about 2004-2005 and just have not stopped. I really cannot say exactly what it has done for us but we do know that this is just one item we do not want to be without. Each time we purchase by the case for the discount and the staff is beyond great. Last case we actually went to the warehouse in CO to pick up our case as we were there visiting family. Again great people! Thanks for your e-mails, great information, your specials and your quality products.

Be Blessed,

Pete and Dianna


I found Enerfood over 2 years ago and when I am thinking in the right frame of mind which would be "Good for You" I simply put a whopping tablespoon of Enerfood into a medium glass, grind up organic golden flaxseed -2 Tblsp., and a Tblsp. of Sunwarrior protein powder, and mix with water. It is delicious, it tastes pure and the energy that it gives me is incredible! I have a choice what kind of day I want my day to be and when I start with my Enerfood drink in the morning it's always a feel good, productive day. 

Thank you,

Patty R.


My journey with Enerfood started with a loving daughter who lives some distance from me but concerned for my health and  was constantly hounding me to try some of this neat stuff called Enerfood and Coconut combination.  I was reluctant because I have had a lifetime of following natural products for good health and thank God, I enjoy good health at 78 years of age.  I take a lot of good stuff, and she knew that but it didn't deter her from the constant long distance nag.   She admitted that it needed a mix with something else to enjoy the taste, well, that didn't really sit well with me but I knew that this was the case with many similar products I have used down through the years...Well, I relented and ordered the amount for a discount,  (I am known for being a little thrifty) anyway, when I got it I first tried it straight with water, after picking myself up off the floor I tried it again with a fruit drink and was very pleased.  I mix the coconut equally.  All I can say is that this drink if wonderful.  I can tell when I miss a day. I also love to grab a clump of the coconut and pop it in my mouth. Great taste and it is beneficial to my activity level. 

Now I order the product and send it to her for a gift on occasion. So, thank you for such a great product.  I work part time at a high energy level job and I take a thermos of it with me for a pick me up during the day.  Keep up the good work.



Ps.   My daughter and her husband have a custom saddle and leather business and you should see the really neat  leather carrying unit they made for me when I take my drink to work... 


My husband and I started using Enerfood about a year ago.  It has been a staple in our diet since the beginning.  We start the day off with a shake and it has changed us.  Both my husband and I have lost over 40 pounds and feel amazing!  Our bodies are finally getting what they need.  Our children love the shakes, they think it is dessert. :) 

Thank you for making an amazing product! 

Jarrod and Krissy B.


I am hoping to try EnerFood soon (just saving up!) 

However, I am totally hooked on CocoMojo.  It has become my nightly treat this winter.  And on a few warm days, I have had it over ice.  It's also great sprinkled over fresh cut strawberries.  And to be healthy at the same time is too good to be true. 

Can't wait to try more products!


Sharon S.


My mother has diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 3 years ago.  After having the Whipple procedure and chemo/radiation, her tumor marker numbers continued to climb to the point that her oncologist mentioned hospice.  Not ones to shy away from a fight, we found the Mederi Foundation who reviewed her records and recommended a protocol of supplements.  She has a daily smoothie with many valuable ingredients, one of which is Coconut Milk Powder.  Today, at 76 years old, she is vibrant and far from the sick, lethargic person the oncologist treated two and a half years ago.

We are so blessed to still have her with us – I feel that cancer can be managed through nutrition and I cannot stress the importance of treating your body well. 

Thank you!

Kim H.


My job has been extremely stressful over the past year. To help me cope, I started blending a smoothie w/various fruit & a heaping tablespoon of Enerfood & fruit juice every morning along w/ my normal, healthy breakfast.  

The results have been outstanding!  I have noticed more energy & stamina & have not had any cold or flu symptoms since starting the Enerfood regimen a year ago.  Everyone else in my 9-person office has been sick in the past few months.  I think some of them will come on board w/ Enerfood eventually.  

I purchased mine as an emergency backup food a few years ago but now that I've been using it regularly I don't want to be without it.

Thanks for making Enerfood available!

Don from Oklahoma City

PS I also lost 15 Lbs in 2013 & blood lab work came back in my December annual checkup with the best numbers in the last decade!


Dear EnerHealth Botanicals,

My name is Rick from Philadelphia. For a couple of years now I have had hyper-thyroid issues. My family doctor prescribed Synthroid for my thyroid. After a year I went back to have my blood levels checked again and my thyroid was worse. So next the doctor prescribed a higher dose. For months my health didn't get any better. One day a couple of months later, I was listening to the Jack Blood show and listened to an interview talking about Enerfood. I thought to myself hey anything is worth a try. At that point I wasn't taking Synthroid because I didn't have time to see my doctor for a new prescription. I started taking the Enerfood and the very first day I had more energy. By the first week my energy levels were through the roof, my mental clarity was better, and I felt totally different. After two months I went back to the doctor. I told the doctor that I was off the Synthroid for 3 months and was trying a different approach.  The doctor took my blood levels again. He called me back with the results two days later and asked me what I was taking. The doctor said that my thyroid levels were perfect and that he couldn't legally prescribe me any more medication. He told me to keep up with the Enerfood because some how it was working. I took Enerfood for 6 months and became lazy and didn't order anymore. At my very next doctors visit, my thyroid levels were off again and had to start taking Synthroid again. I chose to go back to Enerfood instead of Big Pharma. I love your product and it has changed my life.

Thank you,

Rick W.


Like so many of us, I love my morning roast...that is my Vienna Roast. It's not just "a cup of coffee", it's a whole lot more than that. Besides

it tasting incredible, it comes with health benefits. How many coffee's have been infused with immunue-supporting organic compounds?

After my annual Physical last year, my Doc said that I needed to lower my Carbohydrate intake and that my sugar levels (in blood lab results)

showed "High." What was one to do? Enerhealth came to rescue...I first ordered the Coconut Milk Powder...oh yum, yum, yum ( I had to add 3 yums to make a point) I've learned so much about the benefit of Coconut on enerfood.com that I wanted to incorporate it into my daily lifestyle. I use the Coconut Milk Powder daily as a creamer first thing in the morning with my Vienna Roast. For that sweet tooth that just wants to invade my life in the afternoons...well with HIGH sugar levels I thought I was going to have to say good-bye BUT along comes Cocoa Mojo that is sweetened with Organic Coconut Palm Sugar (low on the glycemic index), I can now enjoy that special treat.

My last blood lab report has shown my sugar levels dropping and I'm excited to see more good results as I continue to watch what I put in my body. I so appreciate everything that Enerhealth is doing to give us the best products and educate us to know the difference.

To Life...To Health,

Cornelia E


I began using the coconut powder after my oncologist suggested mixing it in with the other supplements he was asking me to use. It helps with the flavor and I continue to use it 2 years after his suggestion and now look forward to my liquid breakfast. I also like your NutriCafe, very good flavor!

Keep up the good work. 

Jill P.


My favorite product is the cayenne oil. I like the ease of use.  I enjoy how it improves circulation. Additionally I keep a second bottle in my first aid kit and would give it sublingually to anyone suffering a heart attack. Your Enerfood also helped a family member struggling to clear her body of an STD –woooowhooooo problem gone. 

Much thanks,



I heard you on Hawk and the show was GREAT! Oddly enough, I just recently got around to ordering Enerfood and the coconut powder combo. I had been waiting months since I heard about it because I had so many supplements stocked up and it seemed a little pricey for a senior on social security. I have been taking a dozen separate tabs and caps of supplements every day for years including a 1000 mcg timed release B12 which ya would think would be the best energy ever? Nope, just a couple days with Enerfood and I am thinking I just might be able to be a spring chicken again after all.....It is not pricey at all......a level TBS in juice and I am zipping around like a kid! The taste may not be my favorite but it is good and sure is easier to swallow than all those pills! Thanks!

Elaine S.

God always has a plan!!!!!!!!


Being a disabled male adult (62) I decided to try EnerFood for the betterment of my health. It only took an hour or so before I noticed an increase in strength and a physical (bodily) satisfaction. Daily I found I had more energy to move about and perform my household chores. What surprised me the most was my increased state of mental celerity. I was without doubt, think more clearly.

I commend yourself and Steve, for your endeavors to provide such a fine food specialty, lacking in the everyday diet. 

Thank you

Bob in Michigan



In my experience with Enerfood I found that it was not only terrifically healthy for your immune system, but it mixes into any organic smoothie. All you have to do is mix a scoop or two of your Enerfood into a smoothie and add any preferable fruits.

Enerfood is good for your skin, it balances your blood sugar, improves your cholesterol levels, helps digestion, balances energy and gives you a healthy liver. There are many more reasons Enerfood is good for you because it is real, organic food. Enerfood will improve your every-day, organic diet.

I think Enerfood is the best way to add to your health and to your daily smoothies. Everybody should have a scoop of Enerfood in their smoothies because it is the number one way to stay nutritious.  If you are willing to try a nutritious, organic diet, why not add Enerfood?

Brielle, age 12


My husband had very major skin breakouts on his hips that got so bad that they actually split open and drained.  His skin looked like he had major sunburn.  We had tried everything and went to doctors, even a dermatologist to no avail.  Then we thought of the coconut oil to use topically and take internally which he did.  His skin began to heal and now all the redness is gone and there is no drainage.  It is one more miracle story on the power of the capryllic acid in the coconut oil or any of the coconut products.  We are very grateful and we appreciate your coco products.


Connie L. K.


I truly enjoy the enerfood as it gives me great energy and since I have been taking it, has helped my asthma a lot. Really makes a difference in my immune system. That and the delicious cocoa mojo which I especially love in these cold wintery months...This mixed with the coconut powder makes a delicious cup of high impact immune booster 'hot chocolate' to ward off the winter cold and help keep my system healthy.

Patty f.


My sister-in-law has been using Enerfood for several years.  She boasts highly of how much better she feels, and how she does not get sick like she used to.  Her brother (my brother-in-law) started using Enerfood and also has good results with his health. 

When I was diagnosed with lymphoma two years ago, my sister-in-law gave me a container of Enerfood.  I continue to use it in my smoothies, which my husband and daughter also drink.  Enerfood is a trusted addition to my health efforts to keep my immune system strong.

Thank you for providing this nutrition powerhouse for my family and I.


Julie Y.


My wife and I would like to express how Enerfood has been a blessing to us, since we started taking it over three years ago. I would drink a glass of Enerfood and water before going out in those frigid Minnesota temperatures.

Enerfood gave me the extra energy I needed when shoveling snow and snow blowing. My wife took it after becoming dehydrated, during an extremely hot Summer in Minnesota. She was able to recover sooner than if she had not treated herself with Enerfood. I have also found it useful for helping me get through a long day of work on a challenging schedule. Recently, my wife and I are in the process of recovering from a nasty virus. Naturally, we are taking Enerfood to insure a speedy recovery. For us, Enerfood is not only a food but a medicine. Thank you for offering such an incredible product. 

Doug and Debra


I recently got the ENERFOOD mixer and it works great.  I was mixing the ENERFOOD with my NATURE'S PATH Mesa Sunrise cereal but recently began mixing the ENERFOOD in water and drinking the beverage straight up.  No problemo!!!! 


John A. J








I have been buying and ordering Enerfood for I guess about 4 years now and it along with your hormone balancing tincture changed my life.  In 2009 I was a health mess.  I was pushing 200 pounds living with borderline blood pressure, active ulcers, a hormone imbalance and I was constantly sick and nauseas all the time.  After a few months of medications that only made me sicker and emotionally unstable I started to do some research.  I realized that my diet was a HUGE part of my problem and while looking for alternatives and superfood blends I found Enerfood.  It was the only all-organic product I’d found to date and after exploring your sight and tinctures and finding your hormone balancing tincture I was sold.  I decided to try a more holistic approach towards my healing and stopped filling my prescriptions.  I stopped all caffeine and most processed foods and every morning woke up to your wonderful blends in some organic apple juice.  With each passing day I felt stronger, better and healthier and the pounds just shed off effortlessly.  In less than a year I shed 70 pounds and felt as healthy as I did in college.  My doctors were amazed and couldn’t believe how easy it was for me and how I did it all without medications and no routine exercise.  Compliments poured in, I felt better than I had in almost a decade and I was even told I looked just like I did in high school!!  Enerfood helped me get back my life and not only that but get back my spirit too.  I was depressed and lonely and lacking so much life because my health was lacking.  I know that because of Enerfood my energy was higher, my body was healthier and because of that I stepped away from my TV and I found my zest for life again.  I now buy in bulk and use all kinds of tinctures to cure my illnesses and am happy to say I have been doctor bill free, with the exception of check ups, for 4 years now.  Your products are wonderful and I will always be a faithful customer.  So THANK YOU for changing my life and bringing me back to the world again.  You have no idea just how much gratitude I have for everything you all do. 

Much Love.  <3  

Laura Z.



Thanks for such a nutritious food! Energy, endurance and clear mind are just part of what I have experienced. Enerfood supplies the body with so many nutrients junk food is not a temptation. It is a great way to start the morning. Enerfood, good clean water, and a healthy lifestyle have increased my quality of life! All the time and effort that went in to making this great formula is much appreciated.

Keep up the Good Work.

Thanks Again and God Bless,


p.s. On a medical note, I have type 1 diabetes, since beginning with Enerfood, I have reduced the daily amount of insulin from 17 units to 12 units!!!