Healthy Skin Begins with What You Eat - True Beauty From The Inside Out

When was the last time you looked into the mirror? I mean really looked into the mirror at your largest organ…Your Skin.

If you are like most Americans it is actually quite hard to see because we insist on covering ourselves up with beauty products to hide our imperfections.  Almost all of us have had some sort of skin problems in our lives, acne, blemishes, etc.  What the mainstream retail product industry would have you believe is that these are to be treated from the outside.  Cover them up.  Well, you can’t run from what’s inside you and that is exactly the root cause of skin problems…your insides.

Everything you put in and even on your body is processed to eliminate toxins.  How do we eliminate toxins?  Urine, Bowel Movements and our Skin! 

That’s right all these products that you see on television that promote covering up your skin problems are actually contributing to it.  Chemicals, synthetic oils, perfumes, all contain substances that your body will reject.  This is what we call the “band-aid” fix.  Treat the symptom not the cause

What is that Ingredient?

Take a look at your most basic product and see if you can pronounce all the ingredients.  Here is a list of ingredients from Neutrogena’s hand cream, a very simple product. 

Water, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Dilauryl Thiodipropionate, Sodium Sulfate, Fragrance (Scented option only)

WOW! And this list is short compared to the others.  I’m already excited to start “healing” my dry, cracked hands (Sarcasm Alert).  

If you would like further information on what ingredients your products contain, check out this independent website which will help identify which skin care ingredients are safe and which are not.

From The Inside Out

If you truly want healthier skin you need to approach it from the inside out. 

Consider eating raw salads, fruits and steamed vegetables for a couple of days and nothing else, then notice the luster of your skin. What you consume has major effects on your body's ability to rid itself of toxins. Fiber rich foods and plenty of pure water, cleanses the body from the inside out and helps it facilitate toxins.  This makes your bowel movements regular and thus helps you eliminate more toxins, thus less toxins being excreted through he skin.  If you care to work deeper to cleanse out some of these noxious toxins, regular cleansing is a great practice that yields numerous results, amongst which are truly vibrant skin that would put most dermatologists to shame.  Though many people shy away from conversations about the bowels, the truth is, when they are not working well, toxins back up and have to find another way to exit the body, one of which equates to toxins trying to get out through the skin, thus causing all manner of skin disorders, disorders that improve dramatically with a transformation of diet and lifestyle. We all care, to an extent, about our skin and consequently it would be wise for us to focus on simpler, cleaner foods that leave us feeling better, cleaner and more energetic. Such foods include greens, raw veggies and lean proteins, specifically vegetable based proteins. Such a lifestyle should also include a strong emphasis on avoiding alcohol, sweets and refined foods.

From The Outside In

What we put on our skin is equally important. A healthy lifestyle includes a balance between the inner and the outer. Most skin care and beauty products are laced with toxic ingredients and many of these require a chemistry degree to decipher. Did you know that the skincare industry is not regulated like food?  Make sure you do your homework to stay safe and not trust the creative marketing that most of these companies use with the terms like “natural” & “wholesome”.

An Organic Alternative

The good news is that there are alternatives that offer organic & natural ingredients to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin in formulas that are devoid of toxic preservatives.  We have always offered high-quality organic products to nourish your insides, such as Enerfood and Radiant Skin, that nourishes the body and cleanses the liver, but now we have re-launched our organic skin care line.  These are of the highest quality made from all organic ingredients and preserved with essential oils and colloidal silver.  Use all these in conjunction and you will have cleaner, healthier, vibrant skin.

Treating your skin from the inside and outside is absolutely important.  Using as many organic & natural skin care products as possible and eating healthy is crucial to healthier skin.