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    The Power of Green Superfoods

    Superfood Greens Provide Whole Food Nutrition That Is More Effective Than Vitamin Tablets

    by Darren Craddock

    Many people are not aware that millions of americans are suffering form the effects of malnutriton. Even though we have access to a wider variety and more food than ever before people are actually eating worse than they did 50 years ago, This problem is due to many factors and it has led to the explosive growth of the nutritional suppliment industry. Super green food is an ancient food that is taking supplements to a hole new level.

    Nutritional supplements - healthy or scam?

    More people are suffering from malnourishment than ever before, even though they are actually eating more. The misconception that more food means better nutrition has given rise to a billion dollar herbal supplement industry. The fact that nearly two thirds of Americans take some type of vitamin supplement regularly shows that people already know their diets are lacking in nutrition.

    Heathy eating means getting fresh food regularly and moderate levels of inorganic and synthesized food fillers. Yet if you eat largely prepackaged or processed foods- a large percentage of those products are literally chemicals- not food at all. Ironically it tastes like food, it just does not nourish your body like real whole food. Besides poor nutrition it also leads to decreased mental clarity and brain function. Therefore many people have turned to nutritional suppliments fo boost thier nutritional intake.

    Supplemental nutrition is big business

    You may be taking vitamin or mineral supplements yourself. Nutritional supplements are a 20 billion dollar a year industry. Yes, even as the use of supplements has grown the level of diseases has not dropped. In fact many rates have increased. Does this mean that taking supplements doesn’t work?

    The best nutritional supplements must be easily absorbed and readily available for your body to use. Whole foods supply other elements beside the synthesized nutrients in vitamin tablets.

    Whole food supplements have phytonutrients and trace minerals that compliment the absorption and digestion of nutrients. Superfood like Spirulina chlorella and other blue green algae pack a host of nutritional elements that are completely bio available and literally made for your body to use.

    The very best nutritional suppliments are complete foods in concentrated form otherwize known as super green foods. Your body can easily digest, absorb and utilize nutrients from these whole foods, while not even superman himself could absorb the slew of synthetic nutrients found in the majority of supplements on your pharmacy shelf.

    The economics of food means you may not be getting real nutrition

    Real whole food is obviously better for you than processed food, however refined foods have become the staple for most diets. We have not changed our diet, as a species, in tens of thousands of years. However, only 75 to 100 years ago the way we grow and prepare food started to change on a massive scale.

    These changes happened in everything from the types of foods grown to the way they were processed, manufactured and prepared. Sugar and refined flours were added to almost everything.


    Regardless of which foods you choose or how much you eat, typically whole foods provide more nourishment than refined foods. For example: Maple syrup is healthier than white sugar just as brown rice is better for us than white rice. This same analogy holds true for vitamins. Using supplements that are from whole foods provide your bodies with easily digestable, bioavailable and highly concentrated nutrients.