Food to Keep You Young

Anti-Aging Begins with What You Eat
by Darren Craddock

Your skins appearance is often the first sign of toxic accumulation. Even if you apply gallons of expensive creams and lotions, your skin can look prematurely old because it is releasing waste through your skin.

You don't need to spend the week at a five star spa to get dramatic results. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Therefore it can absorb and release unwanted waste over a very large surface. Part of your skins function is to release toxins. Drinking plenty of fresh filtered water will help keep your skin looking younger and more flexible. healthy, young looking skin is clean from the inside out.

There is no magic potion for anti-aging.

Each year there are billions of dollars spent on beautifying and anti-aging products. The ironic part is that the health of your skin is largely governed by the amount of water you drink, the type of food you eat and how well you body eliminates waste. If these three things are working well chances are you will have youthful skin. Anti-aging begins with what you eat. When any of these areas become unbalanced then your skin will be one of the first places to show it. That is why many high end spas can charge a bundle for a cleansing colonic.

Creams and lotions are a temporary measure

Your liver and colon are designed to eliminate chemicals, poisons and toxins we may become exposed to. They also in charge of removing the natural waste from the food we eat. Over time, these organs can become overwhelmed with the amount of fat, sate material and foreign chemicals that must be removed on a daily basis. The left over toxins that are stored in the body move out through the skin. This causes oily patches, dryness, acne, wrinkles and poor coloration. When your organs get rid of toxins efficiently you look and feel better almost instantly - the colonics benefits are more than skin deep they also help you digest your food and get more nutrients. 

Yes, food can be anti-aging - but only the right foods!

Our diets are often lacking in whole grain fiber and the volumes of fresh and uncooked vegetables that it takes to clean out the gunk. Highly processed foods like white flour and sugar turn into a sticky goo once inside your belly. Most of this foodstuff is only waste since there is little nutrition to digest. Literally, every time your colon gets overloaded trying to process too much waste it has no other choice but to reabsorb the toxins into your fatty cells or try to eliminate them through your skin. A cleanse colon at home can hep restore your energy and youthful skin without drugs or surgery.

The skin is an interesting organ. It is the backup if the colon is not working. Another thing is; when we have undigested food material, if it is not liquefied enough, it sticks to the sides of the intestine. Eventually it will harden and when it hardens it also prevents the muscles around it from contracting.

This dehydration coupled with the slow clogging and hardening means that less and less of the waste is eliminated. It also means that it takes more effort for your body to eliminate anything effectively. Now you can see how youthful skin and anti-aging starts in the colon. 

People with young looking skin often have a healthier lifestyle. Your lifestyle shows on your face, not just from laugh lines, but the quality of skin tone and color. Skin tone and resiliency is a sign of abundant water consumption and a healthy diet. Regular exercise keeps the colon clean and other organs working properly and good nutrition helps all organs including your skin, well fed and healthy.

Great skin without drugs or surgery

You can have healthier, prettier skin by making a few changes in the way you eat. Make sure you start each day with a large glass of water. Before coffee or tea, drink at least eight ounces of filtered water. Continue to stay hydrated all day long by substituting one beverage for water at each meal. Include a super green each day for optimum nutrition, without the fat or cholesterol.

Add water

Look younger by adding one glass of filtered water to each meal and at the beginning and end of each day. Stay hydrated all day long, each and every day, and you will notice younger looking skin in a few weeks. Add a super green powder to your daily routine so you can get the benefits of green nutrition without the fuss. 

A lot of things go into making sure that the colon is self cleansing and works properly, and I would say that the number one thing is sufficient water intake. Clean, filtered water is the elixir of life - so drink your fill and enjoy natural youthful skin.