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    Natural Remedies for IBS - Cleanse Your Colon at Home

    Natural Remedies for Irritable Bowel Synsdrome (IBS)

    by Darren Craddock

    Many people come to me in pain, holding their stomach complaining about how badly it hurts. The first problem is they are holding something other than their stomach in many cases. The most likely culprit is the colon. Your stomach is located just below your ribs on your left side below the heart.

    Our bowels are a sensitive subject and most people would prefer to handle this situation at home.  But more importantly they prefer to be at home because of the pain theri body is in.

    When you are hurting and grab your stomach this is the area of the intestines and is likely a digestive problem. Cramps, gas, bloating, constipation, heartburn and severe pain in that area are due to issues with the colon. These are all symptoms of IBS or divertiulosis - a painful and common ailment for many people.

    Pain, Lots of Pain!

    You would not believe just how common this problem is. You have been eating most of your life hopefully, three or more times per day with no problems and then all of the sudden your body goes on strike, nothing is going down the way it is supposed to. Eating has become a competition where the rules no longer apply!

    Foods that used to be your favorite are now your worst enemy and tear you up from the inside out. The best days are those where you are constipated for 4 days straight and the worst are the days you are in agony over a small strawberry seed.

    So Small & So Much Pain!  

    There are many health problems that can originate in the colon. Research estimates that half the people in this nation have polyps of one size or another in their colon. Your colon is a series of muscles shaped like bulbs that are stacked on top of one another. When food or feces are stuck in the colon it can eventually become hard and interfere with the contraction of the muscles.

    This hardened material can also push on the skin of the colon wall and it will bubble out like a balloon. When this happens, waste material can become trapped inside. This is what is more commonly called diverticulitis.

    These pockets become inflamed when the waste is trapped there. The inflammation and pain are caused be an infection in the organ. Toxins and hard deposits are removed from the colon when you do a natural colon cleanse. The nice thing is you can restore your health and vitality naturally by cleansing your colon, and all of this is without surgery or harsh chemicals. Many people are genuinely surprised at how much better they feel as a result of the colonics benefits.

    Toxic Waste in the system means hurting all over

    Picture how difficult it must be for your colon to fight an infection while at the sometime battling to push out toxic waste. These toxins will continue to build in the polyps and your body will have to reabsorb these toxins and store them, most often in your fatty tissue. Your digestive system depends on capillaries which absorb water and vitamins, and when the toxins go into overload these capillaries go into overdrive trying to gather the garbage.

    Many Symptoms – One Organ

    Individuals who suffer from toxic build up that must then be reabsorbed into the body will often have fatty liver issues as well. The liver will kick in and try to take over the detox for the other organs and determine what is removed and what must be reabsorbed in the body. When you have pain in particular areas of the body this is a sign that your body might be in toxic overload. The various parts of the body will suffer pain because there are nerves in addition to capillaries that feed all parts of the body.

    When fecal matter is compacted and you have a diverticulitis, it will cause pain by pressing on the surrounding nerves. This pain becomes localized in places where it is common for toxins to store such as the joints or cells surrounding your organs. 

    And A Headache Too!

    Toxins that are reabsorbed often result in halitosis or bad breath. This can turn around and cause headaches. Chronic headaches are being suffered by more and more people around the globe, if you have any doubt just look at all the over the counter remedies that are available.

    Believe it or not 70-80% of all headaches are from the colon, because of the toxins being reabsorbed into the cells of your body. So let’s recap the many benefits you can reap from a good natural colon cleanse; stop joint pain, clean breath, ease stomach ache, ease diverticulitis, more energy and better health!


    What are you waiting for; it is about time to clean up the toxic waste in your colon and entire system! A simple colon cleanse at home could be just what your need to eat without pain,cramping or swelling.