The Daily Dose - Are you afraid of your doctor?

In a recent article, it was revealed that more than 86% of people were too afraid to ask their doctors questions about their health. The bottom line is most people are happy to ask their neighbor a question but close to petrified to ask the same question of their doctor. Of course some doctors want to appear omnipotent but a great number really want to be helpful. We should treat doctors like any other service provider and make sure we come out of any encounter with them getting the best for us. After all we are paying for their service. So if your blood pressure is high be point blank and ask your doctor why. Ask; Why is my blood pressure high? Or, What causes high blood pressure ? would be good ones.

Some of the key elements outlined in this yahoo article were the following;

1. You may not want to take meds but fear that you doctor will require you too. Ask your doctor what you can do to remedy your condition without medication. Just because the majority of patients ask for a med dose not mean you have to or that your doc can’t help you without meds. You may ask your doctor. Do I need meds?

2. Ask your doc if there are options other than surgery. Do your best to get informed before you even see your doctor. Know your options and let your doctor know that you really value their advice. Nowadays we should be asking for health and doing our own research. A question her could be; Do I need surgery?

3.  Follow up visits may be hurting your pocket book. Ask your doctor if they can have you send them info like blood pressure numbers by E mail so that you can avoid unnecessary doctor visits.

4. If you feel you absolutely must take a med, ask your doc about generics that do not destroy your finances. As you have probably guessed I have better natural alternatives you can read about below.

5. If you have read conflicting information and just need clarification ask your do. They do go to medical school and study a long time for a reason. Get their advice before you make your decisions. However be wary of docs that over pressure you.

Finally, do not consider any meds or surgeries before first seriously exploring cleansing, major dietary modifications, food-based supplements and other important lifestyle adjustments. If you are sick now, more often than not bad habits got you there. There are also wonderful herbs you can use to remedy most conditions if used correctly.