The Daily Dose - March 23rd - Superfood Food Fight! What is the Best Superfood

What are the best superfoods?

What is a superfood? Basically it is a food that has a high nutritional value. Consider the difference between a superfood like Spinach versus a regular not so nutritious food such as iceberg lettuce. Most people’s diets include regular foods with very few superfoods. Superfoods can help supercharge our diets.

One great supergrain is Quinoa from the Andes. It comes in Red black and blue colors. It has more protein, minerals and vitamins than most other grains.

Certain fruits can also be very high in nutrients though we should always be mindful that health expos tend to introduce a ”new” superfruit every year. We have had acai, pomegranate, blueberries and lately elderberries and blackcurrants. The level of antioxidants and vitamins are what count in a fruit. Some of the new guys are very good. Fruits like blackcurrants and pomegranate are antioxidant rich. When it comes to fruits, favor the ones that are less sweet.

Greens are wonderful superfoods. Kale is a great one as are most greens veggies. Kale, however is particularly potent. The darker greens are especially strong superfoods. Some of the best greens are chlorella and spirulina. Bright colored natural foods are the best way to go. Deep greens, vibrant yellows, oranges, reds and purples will add to your well-being.

Beware of sugar free too in any foods you buy. Some products out there put a little superfood in there to get you to buy but you should read the full label to be best informed.