Adrenal Strength Herbal Extract

Adrenal Strength Herbal Extract

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Adrenal Strength Blend

Promotes A Healthy Stress Response

Adrenal Strength is a blended herbal extract that can help support the adrenals and the nervous system in times of need. Why support adrenal health? Long-term, everyday stress can tax the adrenal glands and lead to low energy. The herbs in this blend support the adrenals as well as the nervous system and cardiovascular system, to promote an overall healthy stress response.

Use to help protect the body from the effects of daily stress.

American Ginseng Root supports the adrenals as well as the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Licorice Root, in turn, aids in the internal work of the Ginsengs, which are critical in times of “exhaustion,” chronic fatigue, and the “stressed out” blues.

Borage Leaf contains nutrients that support adrenal function. It may also have a calming effect.

Hawthorn Berry, with its tonifying effects on the heart, supports as a tonic to the cardiovascular system during times of high stress.

Oat Seed acts as super coat to the nerve tissue.

Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) Root is known for its support of the adrenal cortex.


Precautions: We highly recommend consulting a practitioner when using any herbal products, especially if you have a medical condition, are currently taking any medications or during pregnancy or lactation. Keep out of reach of children. Safety sealed for your protection.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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