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How to Improve Your Immune System

It is never too late to improve your immune responses.  A strong immune system can prevent bad health situations.  We have been preaching this news for over a decade and happily many have responded and there are many more that will over time.

How does one go about boosting the immune system?  In short, we have always promoted exercise to keep your body in good physical condition.  Good physical condition creates chemicals in your body that supports better thoughts, emotions and supports the immune system.  Also, proper diet is necessary.  Bad news for many is that fast foods are not in the category of proper dieting.  Home cooked balanced meals using fresh ingredients are a must.  Balanced meals, in our opinion, are comprised of largely plant based foods and a small amount of animal/plant-based proteins.

Knowing that these elements are not always easy to accomplish daily, then we recommend the use of herbal/natural supplements to augment your daily routine.  The newest, and in my opinion, one of the best natural supplements for boosting the immune system are Mushrooms.  These fungi have so many compounds that activate a plethora of reactions in your body they are too numerous to name and quite a few of these mushrooms have widely reported health benefits.  For example if you click here you can learn about some of the health benefits of Cordyceps and there is a ton of information online about the benefits of these amazing fungi.  Some of the most popular are Reishi, Lion's Mane, Chaga, Agaricus Blazei, Maitake, Shitake and Turkey Tail.  We use many of these in our herbal formulations and our infused coffee products in case you are interested just go to our website and search these terms.

Using these mushrooms as often as possible will yield health benefits to you in both the short and long term!  I personally take Spagyric Lion's Mane daily and drink our mushroom infused coffee daily as well.  Personally, I have avoided many of the health issues common to many people during the cold and flu season.  If you find something that works, work it is my motto.

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