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Growing Your Own Food

What better way to ensure good healthy food than transforming your front and back yards into a healthy food factory?

One of the great things about growing at least some of your food is witnessing the miracle of transformation that takes place as a seed transforms itself into a plant and if taken care of, healthy food for us and our families. It is one of the best ways to ensure access to the freshest produce available. Excess harvests can be shared with friends and neighbors helping to rekindle community destroyed by our often unsustainable modern way of life.

Some of the biggest keys here are mulching and fertilization. I like to mulch with straw or hay. Just make sure it has not been sprayed with herbicides or fungicides. I mulch about 4 inches deep or more and then make a hole in the mulch to put a little compost in. I then make a well in the compost to place each of my starts in. After that, I mulch around the plant and water it well. This technique prevents the plants from becoming root-bound and instead gives plenty of room for the developing roots.

So happy gardening! Even in colder climates, you can work now to get things ready for next spring.



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