The Daily Dose - Whooping Cough Outbreak vs. Vaccine Propaganda

With the largest recorded outbreak in 50 years it would seem that we should all be rushing forwards clamoring to be vaccinated and yet the things of most concern are the dangers of the whooping cough vaccine as well as the fact that the vast majority of those suffering from the outbreak have actually already been vaccinated. With some 18,000 cases this year, double last year, concern is quite normal.

Many health care practitioners are advising getting booster shots done, however the validity of such a practice is very debatable at best. Even though some 84 % of kids under the age of four have had four shots of the DTaP vaccine, the one that contains the whooping cough/pertussis vaccine, this bacterial infection does not cease to circulate. Good old fashioned isolation, fluids, lots of vitamin C and warm lemon honey drinks seems to help a great deal in addition to the herbal remedies listed below. In California in 2010 where there was an outbreak, over 80% of those who came down with whooping cough were vaccinated. This would seem to indicate that vaccination is not as effective as previously believed.

Some very useful approaches for loosening up coughs have always been steam inhalations with certain herbs such as balsam root and osha root or the essential oil of eucalyptus. Whooping cough is not something to be treated lightly. We should boost immune function with immune boosting herbs such as astragalus, reishi, cordyceps, agaricus and coriolus. I highly recommend Daily Immune Support and if you have a cough of any kind, I recommend Bronchial Strength, Lung Renewal and cough calming syrup from Enerhealth.

Due to all of the adverse side affects of the DTaP vaccine, especially when given before the age of 2, some countries are now advising only vaccinating after that age. Here in the US, where we vaccinate so heavily in the first 2 years of life, cases of adverse reactions including severe brain damage, have increased dramatically since the numbers of vaccines given have increased.