The Daily Dose - March 15th - What is "Pink Slime" in ground beef?

What is pink slime in ground beef?

Do you have pink slime on your plate? An awful prospect right? Latest mainstream headlines have shown that lean finely textured beef is common in many meat products nowadays, especially ground beef products used for hamburgers etc. Sounds tasty right? The problem is that is the term they are allowed to use for all leftover including fat that is washed with ammonia, ground up beaks, noses, genitals etc.  It is used to pad out meat products. As much as 25% of ground beef can be made of this “slime”. Costco, Sam’s club, Publix and others claim they do not use this “slime” in their ground meat. Others such as McDonalds, Taco Bell and others are moving fast to remove it.

Many customers visiting their local supermarket meat departments find that workers there are often unaware of this whole scandal. Perhaps the most challenging thing revealed by this scenario is that many conspicuous additives are legally permitted in our foods. All the more reason to eat whole foods and avoid processed products.