The Daily Dose - March 20th - Darren Reacts to the San Antonio Tornadoes

San Antonio got hit with a Tornado last night. This was a big shock for me since we almost never experience natural disasters her in San Antonio. It definitely made me remember just how important it is to be prepared in every way possible. A transformer got blown up during the big storm last night. Sleep was hard last night due to the noisy storm and after taking my wife to the airport early in the morning I came home and turned off my phone to get some sleep. When I awoke a little later there were calls from Steve and Peter asking if I was OK. It was then that I discovered that we had had a tornado here in San Antonio. Fifty homes were destroyed in a town where we never get natural disasters. Luckily there were no fatalities. It certainly puts you on edge though and makes you aware of how important it is to prepare. I always keep some stored food, herbal medicines and bulk items like grains and beans such as what is in the Survive to Thrive Preparedness Pail, Enerfood etc.. but I know that many folks are not so well prepared. Having stored water is also very important.

So please don’t get caught with your pants down. Be prepared, get prepared and stay prepared!