The Daily Dose - February 3rd, 2012. The Monsanto Skeletons in the FDA Closet

Stop the Monsanto Insider Michael Taylor from being appointed to the FDA.  Click Here to Sign Petition

Monsanto Must Be Stopped! The Dangers of GMO's

Today’s daily dose is a call to action to encourage President Obama to change his mind about the appointment of Michael Taylor. As freedom minded individuals we should be incensed about the revolving door policy between government agencies like the FDA and big corporate giants such as Monsanto, where a person like Michael Taylor who has worked as an attorney representing Monsanto as well as working within the FDA. This man has represented the interests of Monsanto for over 30 years. He is responsible for getting Bovine growth hormone rbgh approved and he was also involved in the approval of the dangerous sweetener aspartame. Monsanto has also engaged in an insidious campaign to effectively control the world’s food supply. They currently own approximately 70% of the world’s seed companies. They have transformed four of the main staple crops in the US; corn, soybeans, cottonseed and canola into 90% GMO’s. They are introducing new crops frequently in a push to patent all food crops. Long term consumption of GMO’s has been shown in independent studies to cause lesions on the kidneys, intestines, liver and other major organs. Many health problems now can be correlated with the rising tide of inflammation. Unfortunately our government maintains its flawed policy of accepting industry lead and conducted research as being trustworthy.