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Welcome to our Affiliate Network!

We are excited to introduce an easy and profitable business model to you, it is called Affiliate Program.  As an Affiliate is you can receive commissions on sales of our Meta Hemp products with virtually zero investment.  Enerhealth Botanicals has been in business for almost 14 years now and our products have a proven track record! All of our products are produced in our FDA registered and inspected facility in Mead, Colorado.

We have some really great products for you to offer; Enerfood, our superfood blend; NutriCafe, our organic coffee infused with organic extracts of medicinal mushrooms, Cocoa Mojo; organic cocoa blended with the organic mushroom extracts; Amino Acid Balanced Meal Replacement; Coconut Milk Powder; a full line of herbal extracts and blends; the 40 Day and Night Preparedness Food Bucket are the most popular products.    You will not be able to receive commissions on purchases you make for yourself on our site.  This program is intended for you to share in the revenues generated from those individuals referred to us and not as a 'discount' on your own purchases.  If you refer enough business then you will be able to buy our products once you have enough in commissions should you choose to do so, otherwise we will send you a check for your commissions.

How does it work?

This program is designed for internet savy individuals to begin earning a commission on sales brought to our company through your efforts on the internet.  We supply you with the banners, and this program will automatically assign you an affiliate code (cookie) that will attribute any sales made by someone (except you personally) to your account, it is up to you to place them across the web.  Once that banner is clicked by someone, that person is registered for 365 days as your referral (based on the cookie generated whtn you sign up) and you will receive a 15% commission on those sales, i.e. your affiliate 'cookie' will last for 365 days so that if that person orders any of our products during that time, no matter how many times they order, you will receive a 15% commission on that sale.  That commission is calculated on the price listed on the web at that time and is not calculated based on shipping costs or tax. After a successful purchase and once your commissions reach $100.00 we will send you a check.

The beauty of this affiliate program is that you can benefit others in regaining or optimizing their health while also benefiting yourself with revenues!  This is why I entered into the health food/supplement business, to help others and earn an income at the same time!  What a service you can provide others by doing this and doing it well.

Of course, as with all things, you must apply yourself and get the banners out there as much as possible.  We also welcome your suggestions to banner design and text.  We want to help you succeed!

Again, Welcome to the Enerhealth family of Affiliates!


Steve St Clair

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Affiliates for Enerhealth will receive a 15% commission on all referred orders for 360 days. Payouts occurr when a minimum of $100.00 is in your account.

Discount policy None
Valid Date Always